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Creating Broadcast TV Commercials
Precision Garage Door Service

"Let's Have Some Fun and Create an Effective Video Advertising Campaign!"

When a potential client contacts Buffalo Videography about creating a series of marketing videos for local television, one of the first questions we ask is, "What product or service are you selling?" I was surprised when they mentioned they are a nationwide franchise called Precision Garage Door Service, which services and sells garage doors. However, they weren't looking for a traditional television commercial. Instead, they wanted a fun and eye-catching video series to elevate their brand's visibility and make a memorable impact on viewers. They also wanted a child to be the star of the video.


This was definitely not our usual commercial video project.

Film production company in Buffalo NY professional camera operator Dan Oshier

Typically, we start with the message and then add in the fun. Intrigued and inspired, producer Dan Oshier began brainstorming ideas for the video series featuring their 2-year-old. Letting our imaginations run wild, we came up with a few potential ideas to present to the client. They loved our direction and added even more great ideas, pushing us to our creative limits. First, we needed a superhero outfit, which we quickly designed, measured, and ordered, complete with a tool belt and toy tools. Next, we thought, "What superhero doesn’t have a phone booth to transform in?" So we ordered a child-sized phone booth for our superhero transformation, a la Clark Kent into Superman.

Precision Garage Door Video production creating videos for business and corporate TV
Video Advertising company in Buffalo NY - video marketing brands by Buffalo Videography

On our first shoot day, we set up to film some scenes in the truck. The downside to working with child actors is their unpredictability. This was true on our first day, as our star wasn't feeling well. After some rough moments, (you can check out the outtakes in the video below), we decided to try again in a few days when everyone was up to the physical demands of filming. On our second day, our star was in a much better mood and ready for filming. Filming a child requires a flexible approach: you let the camera roll, give some instructions to the parents, and go with the flow. This was very much the case as we learned the best ways to work with our young actor and get the shots we needed.

Knowing the client wanted to feature their new fleet of trucks, Dan envisioned a shot of our young superhero driving the truck through the city streets. This called for a green screen shoot. Typically, we control as many variables as possible for a successful green screen shoot. In this case, a few well-placed lights in the truck and a parent holding up a screen outside had to suffice. After a few takes and reminders not to play with the lights, we got the green screen shot dialed in, knowing it would require additional editing in post-production.

As Buffalo’s most-trusted professional drone operator, Buffalo Videography included some aerial shots in the broadcast video, capturing striking local transition shots. Over the course of two days, we met the client at different locations in Buffalo to film specific areas with the truck and drone. When filming aerial shots, the sun can be your friend or your enemy. We utilized location scouting, sun tracking, and our years of experience as drone pilots to ensure ideal lighting conditions for the aerial video shoot. These extra steps make all the difference between a simple drone shot and a professional drone video.

Marketing videos by Buffalo Videography for Precision Garage Door Service cameras video ed

With drone footage from across Western New York, our young star, and even a speaking part by our superhero’s mom, we were ready to begin post-production. The company had a clear vision for the video’s feel: a soft voice and calm, country-like music. We spent hours listening to jingles and potential soundtracks, researching voice-over artists, and eventually settled on a Sam Elliot-inspired voice artist and a smooth country tune for the commercial.

Television commercials in Buffalo NY for broadcast media by Buffalo Videography
Video advertising agency in Buffalo NY - Buffalo Videography campaign for Precision Garage Door Service

Next, we professionally edited the video footage, integrating 2D and 3D animation, and animated text and logo. We sent the finished product to the client for review, and after a few changes, the final version hit the local television airwaves to much fanfare. The client received numerous messages and compliments from prospective customers, and the video series became a local television sensation.

Drone Video Company in Buffalo NY Buffalo Videography pilot Dan Oshier

At Buffalo Videography, we pride ourselves on our collaborative approach to filming and video editing, not just for broadcast television but also for web and social media platforms. Under the creative direction of producer Dan Oshier, we were able to bring Precision Garage Door Service’s vision to life. Their creative freedom and open collaboration allowed us to perfectly capture the video’s branding message. We look forward to continuing our professional creative video marketing partnership and can't wait to see what we come up with next!


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