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Dan Oshier

Owner - Creative Director

Dan Oshier is a seasoned video production professional with a lifelong passion for video, photography, and drones. As the owner and creative director of Buffalo Videography, Dan has been transforming his hobbies into a thriving career since 2012. His expertise spans a broad spectrum of video production services, including social media videos, corporate video production, and aerial videography.

Dan's work is characterized by his commitment to capturing compelling stories and delivering high-quality visual content. He is an FAA-Certified Commercial Drone Pilot, which allows him to offer specialized services in drone photography and videography. This capability has enabled him to work on diverse projects, from real estate promotions to intricate aerial inspections.

Under Dan's leadership, Buffalo Videography has become a trusted name in the video production industry. The company prides itself on building strong client relationships and delivering projects on time and within budget. Buffalo Videography offers a comprehensive range of services, including video production, editing, drone piloting, and camera crew coordination. They are known for their innovative storytelling techniques and attention to detail, ensuring every project is both effective and engaging.

Dan's dedication to his craft and his collaborative approach make him a valuable partner for any video production project. Whether working on a corporate campaign, a historical documentary, or a live event, Dan's goal is to create visually stunning content that resonates with audiences and fulfills the client's vision.


Dan Oshier
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