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Capturing Aerial Video for Historical Documentary

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Our latest drone operator project has us working with a film crew on the edge of the Great Lakes, capturing aerial video footage for an upcoming documentary.

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Aerial view of Tibbets Point Lighthouse

Tibbetts Point Lighthouse marks the point where Lake Ontario meets the St. Lawrence River in Northern New York State. Built in 1827, the Lighthouse features the only original working Fresnel lens in Lake Ontario.

​Visitors can enjoy using the provided telescope to survey the Lake and River.

The Tibbetts Point Lighthouse property is owned by the Town of Cape Vincent.

If you need information about use of the site (a wedding for example) you must make arrangements with the Town at 315-654-3660.

Buffalo Videography's team of expert drone operators specialize in drone photography, video, and aerial property scan. We employ the latest technology with our newest LIDAR aerial scanning capabilities, 3D capture of structures, landscapes, and anywhere else a drone is needed to scan and inspect. We have inspected hundreds of properties across the United States and offer a hometown discount to our friends in Buffalo... If you made it to the end of this blog post, be sure to ask!

Buffalo Videography

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