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How to Broadcast a TV
Commercial on Local Stations

How to Place a TV Commercial on Local Television

Video Production Tips From Experts at Buffalo Videography owner and Commercial Video Produ

Dan Oshier is a Video Producer, Entrepreneur, and Business Owner

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One of the most common questions customers ask me is, "How do you put a commercial on local TV?"

Creating a TV Commercial To create a commercial, you need to shoot it in high enough quality to be accepted by TV stations and cable TV companies. It must be in a professional video format. More importantly, to be successful, the commercial needs to be compelling enough for people to remember it when they're ready to buy what you're selling.

Many small local businesses can't afford to hire a professional crew. Even if they can, having a message that resonates with viewers is crucial. Making an effective TV commercial involves more than just filming your place of business. You have 30 seconds to sell the sizzle and capture the audience's interest.

Many new local TV advertisers believe that viewers will immediately call them after seeing their phone number on TV. However, this rarely happens. People don't easily remember phone numbers in 30 seconds unless the number is presented memorably – either through a jingle, repeated visually, or if it's an easy-to-remember phone number.

Therefore, it's beneficial to complement TV ads with other forms of advertising. Print media, for example, is great for someone looking for a phone number, although it doesn't engage people as TV does.

TV advertising sells sizzle with music, bright colors, and engaging images. Studies show that people remember about three ideas from TV ads. Given your 30-second limit, you need to determine which three ideas those will be, with at least one providing a compelling reason for customers to choose your product or service.

Local TV stations and cable channels often produce commercials for clients. Sometimes these are effective; other times, they are not, because they might look too "local" or fail to capture interest.

Affordable Professional Video Production Services

Why Choose Our Video Production Services?

Our meticulous process ensures top-quality results at an affordable price. Here's how we deliver outstanding video production:

•    Custom Scripts: Crafted to convey your unique message and brand identity.
•    Premium Stock Footage and Graphics: Access to a vast library of professional-grade assets.
•    Professional Voiceovers: Engaging and authoritative narrations by expert voice actors.
•    Royalty-Free Music: Enhances the overall production without extra costs.
•    Expert Video Editing: Each video is personally edited to achieve the highest quality.
Comprehensive Video Production Solutions
•    Social Media and TV Ready: We provide video files optimized for social media and a broadcast-ready version for TV.
•    Broadcast Placement Assistance: We help you place your ad on cable or broadcast TV to reach your target audience effectively.


Our template-based approach offers flexibility and customization for small businesses:
•    Customizable Video Spots: Use your own videos and pictures or select from our extensive collection.
•    Professional Enhancement: We integrate and enhance your business's images to create impactful and professional-looking TV commercials.

Buffalo Videography: Elevating Small Business Visibility

Buffalo Videography delivers high-quality, professionally produced videos that make your business stand out, all at an affordable price. Enhance your brand's visibility with our expert video production services.

Selecting the right video production company is a strategic decision.

Selecting the right video production company is a strategic marketing decision that can significantly impact the success of your project. Take your time, conduct thorough research, and trust your instincts to select a video production company that aligns with your vision and delivers high-quality videos that engage and captivate your target audience.


Buffalo Videography, based in Buffalo, New York, has nearly 25 years of video production experience. They have successfully produced impactful video content for renowned local brands and global corporations. Their portfolio showcases a commitment to excellence, creativity, and technical prowess, making Buffalo Videography a reliable choice for businesses seeking top-notch video production services.


For your next project, we highly recommend starting by contacting Buffalo Videography. Their team of video experts is readily available to discuss your goals, share insights, and tailor a solution that aligns with your unique requirements. By choosing Buffalo Videography for your video needs, you're not just selecting a video production company; you're partnering with a team dedicated to bringing your vision to life in a way that captivates your audience and elevates your brand.


Reach out to Buffalo Videography today and start creating compelling and effective video content that sets your business apart in the digital landscape. Your next successful video project begins with a conversation with Buffalo Videography, a trusted name in the industry for delivering excellence for nearly a quarter of a century. 

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